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Are Baddest Bod products vegan & cruelty free?
Yes our products are all 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free.
Where are Baddest Bod products made?
Baddest Bod tanning products are made in Australia. Our Luxe Tanning Mitt is made in China.
What sort of DHA is in the Baddest Bod tan products?
100% Natural DHA is used in Baddest Bod products.
What is DHA?
DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) is the active ingredient in self tanning products. It is a sugar molecule that reacts to the amino acids on the surface of the skin. The level of DHA controls how dark and natural the colour looks. Baddest Bod Express Tanning Mousse & Glow Drops use a high level of 100% natural DHA that has been formulated to create a natural looking tan fast.
Is the BADDEST tanning range safe to use if I am pregnant?
All BADDEST tanning products are made with natural ingredients, so generally are safe to use during pregnancy. We highly recommend contacting your doctor or practitioner before using our tanning range whilst pregnant regarding any concerns you may have.


How many applications will I get from one 200ml bottle of Baddest Bod Express Tanning Mousse?
You will get approximately 6 - 8 full body applications per 200ml bottle.
How do I apply the Express Tanning Mousse?
We recommend applying the Express Tanning Mousse with our Luxe Tanning Mitt for a flawless and streak free tan.
Will the Express Tanning Mousse protect me from U.V exposure?
No, all Baddest Bod self tan products will not protect you from U.V exposure. Please ensure you use SPF on top of your fake tan when skin is exposed to the sun.
How do I remove the Express Tanning Mousse from my skin?
Lather up in the shower & use an exfoliating mitt for best results. Your skin will be clean and soft in minutes ready for your next Baddest Bod application.
Can I use the Express Tanning Mousse if I suffer from eczema or sensitive skin?
Due to the natural & organic properties, including 100% DHA, our products can be used on skin conditions such as eczema, however if you’re prone to skin sensitivity we 100% always recommend doing a patch test on the skin first before applying all over.
Can I swim after applying Baddest Bod Express Tanning Mousse?
Once your tan has developed you can swim, however the ocean & pools may result in your tan fading quickly.
How long after applying the Express Tanning Mousse should I shower?
The longer you leave our Express Tanning Mousse on your skin, the darker it will develop.
Medium = 30 mins
Dark = 1 Hour
Ultra Dark = 2 Hours+
How long will the Express Tanning Mousse last on my skin?
On average, Baddest Bod Express Tanning Mousse will last 5-7 days. The key to your tan lasting longer is keeping your skin hydrated.
How do I choose my shade using the Express Tanning Mousse?
Our Express Tanning Mousse allows you to customise your colour.
If you’re unsure we recommend starting with a 30 minute application & washing off after this time. You can also check out our before & afters. The final colour also has a lot to do with your skin and how it develops the tan. Once you rinse your colour will continue to develop over the next 8 hours (so don’t worry if you think you have washed away all of your colour - this is just the colour guide.
Do I need to sleep in the Express Tanning Mousse?
No, this product has been designed to work express so there is no need to sleep in this product.
Can I sleep in the Express Tanning Mousse?
Yes, you can sleep overnight in the Express Tanning Mousse however the colour will stop developing after 2+ hours.


How often should I apply the Glow Tanning Drops to my face?
We recommend re-applying Face Glow Drops every 2-3 days to maintain a natural looking bronzed complexion.
Can I use the Glow Drops with my normal skincare routine?
Yes you can! We recommend mixing the drops with your fave face moisture, serum or oil.
Can I use the Glow Drops on my body?
Yes! Our Glow Drops have been designed to use all over the body. For an easy application & all over glow, mix with your fave body moisturiser.


How long will the Instant Tan last on my skin?
We think our Instant Tan looks and feels its best when worn for up to 24hrs.
Is the Instant Tan easy to remove?
Yes, perfect for commitment-phobes. Our Instant Tan can be easily removed whenever with just soap and water. Jump in the shower as normal and, when you step out, it will be like it never happened.
How do I apply the Instant Tan?
We recommend applying the Instant Tan with our Luxe Tanning Mitt for a flawless and streak free finish.
Can I mix the Instant Tan with other products?
Yes! Add our Instant Tan to your fave body moisturiser to achieve a more subtle, natural bronze, perfect for everyday.
Is the Instant Tan transferproof?
Yes! Once left to dry our Instant Tan won’t transfer or stain your clothes.
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